My name is Jamie Katuna. 

I am a big-picture thinker who wants to improve the healthcare experience for physicians, patients, and students. 

I believe we must embrace creativity in the medical world. It is currently dominated by structure, fear, and secrecy; and that culture stifles progressive change. I hope to witness a revolution of medical student and physician leaders who fearlessly transform healthcare's culture. 



I began my undergraduate career at the University of San Francisco as a Kinesiology major. After three years, I transferred to UC-San Diego, where I graduated with a Global Health degree. 

I am now a second-year medical student in California. It is important to me that all views expressed are mine alone, and not representative of (or influenced by) any institution, so I will not list my school here. If you ask me about it I am happy to tell you, but publicly I will try to maintain my individuality.



I earned a Division 1 scholarship to the University of San Fransisco, where I played for two years before breaking my foot and redshirting my third year. After this year of recovery, I transferred to play for Heidi VanDerveer at the University of California - San Diego. I completed my career at UCSD as a captain and as the leading scorer in the conference with All-Conference and All-Region accolades. 

Now, I'm a runner. I also enjoy boxing, hiking, lifting, soccer, and anything else that will keep me physically active.